JG Productions

We’re a team of Passionate Photographer

With a belief that everything has a story, it is just a matter of portraying. We love to frame moments while they’re being lived and portray them like a story so that they can be lived for ages to come. What makes us different is we are observers, we try to be as unobtrusive as possible, and bring our own creative approach to any shot being clicked.

Our Skills

Our skills
Make you smile
Execution of ideas

Why Choose Us?


Our belief that everything has a story, makes us portray every event covered as a story, so they can be cherished for ages to come.

Professional skills

We’re equipped with professional skills which have only polished over time and that help us bring put the best values in any project we work on.

Finest Equipment

To capture the best, along with skills, the tools used must be the best. And we’re equipped with the finest tools.


It’s the price that you pay, but it’s the value that you get. We value your time and money invested in this, and we strive to deliver the best of our work.

Creative vision

We bring our own creative element and vision to any shot taken, and that makes us unique.

Fast Turnaround

We don’t want you to wait to see your best moments captured, and hence we have a quick turnaround time to deliver your pictures.

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